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National Conservatism

The Conservative Patriot Alliance is an activism, networking, advocacy, and educational organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, conservative principles, traditionalist morals and values, and the concept of National Conservatism. Founded in the beautiful state of Colorado, we have expanded our message and movement to the national stage.

It is time for a new, bold, and uncompromising vision of a conservative future for our communities, culture, nation, and civilization. The various ideologies of the Left must be removed from their dominant position in private, corporate, and public institutions and condemned to the ashbin of history. Conservatives must not be afraid to use the power of the state and the streets to halt the spread of the radical theories that are poisoning our children, culture, and civilization. 

The Conservative Patriot Alliance seeks a transformed society based upon constitutional governance, ordered liberty, and timeless conservative principles. An ultimately successful conservative movement cannot be based upon polls, political fads, or transitory political personalities. Instead, we must become a mass movement of dedicated ideological warriors demanding dramatic, fundamental change in the nature of the Republic. 

We do not care about being on the right side of history, but about being on the right side of right and wrong. Conservative patriots are engaged in a multi-generational struggle for the heart and soul of a nation and failure is not an option. 

On to victory! Join the movement today.

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Who Are We?

The Conservative Patriot Alliance is an activist organization headquartered in the great state of Colorado. Many of our national projects are carried out under the name Citizens for a Conservative Society

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The Conservative Patriot Alliance holds in-person events in the Northern Colorado area

Six Canons of Conservative Thought


Belief in a transcendent order, or body of natural law, which rules society as well as conscience. Political problems, at bottom, are religious and moral problems. A narrow rationality, what Coleridge called the Understanding, cannot of itself satisfy human needs. “Every Tory is a realist,” says Keith Feiling: “he knows that there are great forces in heaven and earth that man’s philosophy cannot plumb or fathom.” True politics is the art of apprehending and applying the Justice which ought to prevail in a community of souls.


Affection for the proliferating variety and mystery of human existence, as opposed to the narrowing uniformity, egalitarianism, and utilitarian aims of most radical systems; conservatives resist what Robert Graves calls “Logicalism” in society. This prejudice has been called “the conservatism of enjoyment”–a sense that life is worth living, according to Walter Bagehot “the proper source of an animated Conservatism.”


Conviction that civilized society requires orders and classes, as against the notion of a “classless society.” With reason, conservatives have been called “the party of order.” If natural distinctions are effaced among men, oligarchs fill the vacuum. Ultimate equality in the judgment of God, and equality before courts of law, are recognized by conservatives; but equality of condition, they think, means equality in servitude and boredom.


Persuasion that freedom and property are closely linked: separate property from private possession, and Leviathan becomes master of all. Economic levelling, they maintain, is not economic progress.


Faith in prescription and distrust of “sophisters, calculators, and economists” who would reconstruct society upon abstract designs. Custom, convention, and old prescription are checks both upon man’s anarchic impulse and upon the innovator’s lust for power.


Recognition that change may not be salutary reform: hasty innovation may be a devouring conflagration, rather than a torch of progress. Society must alter, for prudent change is the means of social preservation; but a statesman must take Providence into his calculations, and a statesman’s chief virtue, according to Plato and Burke, is prudence.